Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Networking Tips

Now that I have my website ready, it’s time to get networking. I did some research on networking and can up with a few tips.

The main purpose of networking is to get known and trusted by someone who can help you. Networking is talking to the people you know, talking to the people they know and talking to the people you should know.

Here are some tips that you can use as you start networking:

Develop a contact

-Take the initiative to identify individuals you would like to meet and contact them
-Keep your options open and enjoy meeting people from a wide variety of different
- As you generate your networking contacts, listen as well as share

Be prepared to maket yourself:

-Identify the types of work or information you are looking for
-Establish a career profile, identify your career-related interests, skills and values
-Have a prepared, up-to-date resume

Decide how to organize and keep track of you network:

-Create contact records on companies and individuals
-Maintain and update your contact records. Include notes on past conversations, important
points etc.
-Keep an organized collection of business cards
-Attempt to contact your contacts regularly(set goals and be disciplined about achieving

Helpful links for networking meetings:

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